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MDD brand March 14th Shanghai Munich countdown

Time:2018-04-17 | Source:JIANGSU YUTAL

Electronica China Munich Shanghai electronics exhibition is an exhibition of electronics industry and an important event in the industry. Over the years, the exhibition E has become an innovative platform for future electronic technology. Semiconductors, sensors, connectors and power sources formed the core of e planet, and built their landforms, cities and streets. The innovation of e Planet helps people understand the power behind the development of the electronic world more intuitively. On the planet e, spectators and exhibitors are residents. They can easily communicate with each other and witness the development trend of the global electronics industry.

                  Shanghai New International Expo CenterE5 Pavilion 5470  

                               DATE  14-16 March 2018

MDD brand: dedicated to the development and production of diode wafer chip, mainly production of rectifier diode diffusion chip, common and fast recovery, transient suppression GPP chip products; production and packaging of ordinary rectification, fast recovery, high efficiency, ultra fast, Schottky, rectifier bridge, two-way trigger, high pressure, transient suppression, switch, stabilizing voltage Packages such as SOD-123, SOD-123FL, SOD-323, SMA, SMAF, SMB, SMBF, SMC, TO-277, TO-220, UMB, MBS, absent, formulated, formulated, formulated, formulated, formulated, formulated, etc. It can provide customers with professional services tailored and R & D, and can provide halogen free products to meet customers' needs.

(Exhibition Gallery)

(TVS tube series)

March 14th to 16

Shanghai Munich Exhibition

Chen Da bank invites you to go to the E5 Pavilion 5470!

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