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The universal electronic exhibition is perfect, the dream has been advancing

Time:2018-04-17 | Source:JIANGSU YUTAL

2017 Global Sources Electronics Show in April 14 late closing, MDD share gains from the exhibition.

This electronics exhibition, MDD, mainly focuses on learning, communication, cooperation and brand promotion. It shows MDD's style of learning, communication and brand cooperation.

 On the four day of the exhibition, MDD received thousands of friends from all walks of life from all walks of life in consultation, negotiation, exchange and visit. The voice of affirmation, recognition and praise from the clients in the conversation inspired the delegates.

 In this exhibition, MDD brand and image have entered the vision of most merchants and media. Brand culture communication and brand influence are moving forward.

  We will apply the experience we have learned in all aspects of R & D, production and sales in the future, and push forward the idea that "quality is the life of the enterprise, the service is the purpose of operation, the satisfaction of the user is the eternal pursuit", and let MDD have a brilliant tomorrow together with the customers.