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Test the good or bad of the patch diode

Time:2018-04-17 | Source:JIANGSU YUTAL

For many beginners, how can a patch diode test his good or bad? In general, the quality of patch diode can be tested from what aspects.


Before testing, switch the switching switch of the multimeter to the RX1K gear of the ohm gear (take note not to use the RX1 gear to prevent the current too large to burn the patch diode), and then short the red and black pens to the ohm.

Positive characteristic test. The black dial of the multimeter (the positive pole inside the table) is touched to the positive pole of the patch diode, and the red watch pen (the negative pole inside the table) touches the negative pole of the patch diode. If the needle is not placed to the 0 value, it stops in the middle of the dial. The resistance is the forward resistance of the patch diode, and the smaller the general forward resistance, the better. If the forward resistance is 0, it indicates the short circuit damage of the core. If the forward resistance is close to infinity, it indicates the core opening. Short circuited and broken pipes can not be used.


Reverse characteristic test. The red pen of the table has the positive pole of the touch pad diode and the black pen touches the negative electrode of the contact patch diode. If the needle is at infinity or close to the infinity value, the tube is qualified.

To do the test of patch diode, if damaged chip diode is replaced in time, we can better improve the efficiency of electronic components. If you have questions or want to consult related diode knowledge, welcome to Xiaobian.