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How to determine the positive and negative poles of MDD schottky diode

Time:2019-02-28 | Source:JIANGSU YUTAL

General general pin diode can be judged by the length of the pin or see the straw hat inside the area of the film to determine the positive and negative, the general patch type diode can be judged according to the top of the bar at one end is negative, led is generally a sign of the negative.Do the board today, use schottky rectifier diode MBRF30100CT found is the labeling of the cathode is not like other common diode, to be on the safe side, can use multimeter to test is negative, described here use digital multimeter test method: when using a digital multimeter to measuring diode, the multimeter measured resistance (X100 or X1K) is commonly used in red and black two pens and diode poles respectively, there will be a resistance is very small, and in turn resistance very approximate.When the resistance is small, the red pen is connected to the positive terminal.

How to determine the positive and negative electrode of MDD schottky diode when it is installed?

A lot of people can produce doubt unavoidably when installation, the friend that has experience knows at a glance.

First, look at the symbol symbol.On the surface of the MDD schottky diode, the symbol of the diode is usually marked, the positive pole is indicated by the triangular arrow symbol, and the other end is the negative pole.

Second, look at the component color points.On the case of a point-contact MDD schottky diode, there are usually polar color dots (white or red).The positive pole is the end of a common color dot.And the diode is marked with a color ring, with one end of the color ring is negative.